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The program for me was an amazing transformation of my life and best part is this is just the beginning!

The guidance and support I have received from this program has changed my way of thinking.

Truly grateful for these experiences!

Robin Metz    Tsa Financial Group   

The customer needs focused, Integrity Selling concepts he is teaching are applicable to any sales force and more importantly have a proven track record of success. If you are looking to take your sales force to the next level I would highly recommend Johnny.

Doug Wise    The Wise Law Firm    Website   

As a speaker and coach, I know what great speakers and coaches possess. Johnny is one of the best. Johnny's presentations not only captures the heart, he provides tools and strategies to bring out the best in you and your team. I highly recommend Johnny!!!
-Kim Hardy

Kim Hardy    Kim Hardy Speaks    Website   

Johnny has the unique ability to take complex information and communicate it in a way that is understandable and relevant even to a diverse group of business people.

Doug Wise    The Wise Law Firm    Website   

Johnny was a great facilitator recently through the Cobb Chamber's Business Builders program. The manner in whiich he presents material really allows it to sink in that success starts with identification of your own Foundational Core Values, and then happiness results when you form your life and activities in congruence with those values.

Jefff Daxe    MIJS    Website   

Being apart of the Integrity Coaching program was phenomenal! I now have effective and practical tools to lead my team and not just manage them.

Simera Nichols    Tissue Banks International / San Antonio Eye Bank   

I highly recommend Johnny Walker as counselor, coach, mentor, speaker and leader of retreats and educational symposiums.

Debbie Duke    Website   

My experience with Integrity selling was amazing! The training and follow up sessions gave me both strategy and confidence to seek out and connect with partners that are the perfect fit for our organization.

Brian    First Priority Global   

Integrity Selling has helped to eliminate some of my own self-doubts as a marketing coordinator, as well as enhance my understanding of the should's vs. the should not's in my approach to our clients.

I am more knowledgeable and efficient as a marketing coordinator by simply applying the techniques from Integrity Selling!

Stacy Carrington    Gary Coursey & Associates, Architects    Website   

While explaining to a new employee that we would begin monthly coaching meetings, she shared that another coachee had already told her about it and she was waiting for me to include her in the process! She had felt left out from not being introduced to the process earlier...I guess that means I truly am a good coach!

Simera    TBI/Tissue Banks International    Website   

This class is for sales yes, but if you use this process in your everyday life you can use this for anything and everything.

If you want to see a growth in your business this is a must take class!

Ann Marie    Keller Williams/Elementary School Teacher   

Johnny Walker is an excellent speaker! He is very knowledgeable and brings excitement to his presentations. As an audience member, I feel engaged and I eagerly anticipate each segment of his presentation.

Gretchen S. McDaniel    Samford University   

I completed the Core Service Excellence (Integrity Service) Training at Coca-Cola on 10/06/15, and I must say the lessons I learned from this course will stay with me for a lifetime.

Whether its learning how identifying and work with different behavior styles or learning how to encourage and work as a team from geese; the lessons taught in this course have transcended the classroom/workplace and have had a great impact on my personal life.

David Auguste    The Coca-Cola Company   

Having received corporate sales training in the past I thought I knew "how to sell". Everyone has their own strengths but after going through a course with Johnny I discovered how to better identify and utilize my strengths and natural skill sets. I highly recommend Johnny!

Alex Pavlos    Liberty Mutual Insurance    Website   

I enjoyed an 8 week course with Johnny leading us through Integrity Selling. The approach to sales is the best I have ever seen. It allows for me to sell while making sure the client's needs are met in a win-win process. Excellent

Benjamin Battell    BattellCo    Website   

It was a great learning experience that taught to value customers (and yourself), be proactive in solving issues, and provide great customer service skills.

It also explained how people with different Behavior Styles interact and behave in the office and outside of work. All these learnings are certainly being used and will be used effectively in the future.

As a Chinese proverb states, “Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

Thank you to everyone who made this class not just possible but also very informative and entertaining!

Julia Abdulaeva    Coca Cola   

If you are looking for someone who is dynamic, interesting and attention grabbing as your speaker – Johnny Walker is your man. Johnny can speak on a variety of subjects and never fails to elicit wonderful evaluations.

Debbie Duke    The Center for Faith and Health, College of Health Sciences, Samford University    Website