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The Law of Attraction

I saw a great example of the law of attraction in a movie a few years ago. It showed a nine year old boy who wanted a bicycle. The boy didn’t want just any bicycle but one he specifically picked

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Knowledge vs Wisdom

“Knowledge is the accumulation of truth; Wisdom is knowing how to apply the truth to your everyday life.” – JohnnyWalker.Co

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What Is Coaching?

There is a new group of helping professionals on the market that go by the label “coach.”  You may have heard of life coaching, business coaching, or even executive coaching.  All of these are forms of coaching, but the problem

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What Is Your One Thing?

From an early age most of us were asked the age old question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Even then I can remember looking at the adults around me and wondering how someone could possibly

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Become Happier At Work

Every year the Society for Human Resource Management puts out an employee satisfaction survey. One of the measurements of job satisfaction they utilize is job engagement. Engagement is very important for companies to understand because engaged employees work harder and

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Your Perception of Failure

One of my all time favorite movies is the animated movie “Meet The Robinson’s.” In the YouTube video above you will find young Lewis fixing his peanut butter and jelly sandwich maker, but it turns out to be a miserable

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Denying Self

The concept of denying yourself goes against every fiber in the fabric of our society. Commercials on the radio, television and movies continually encourage us to follow our feelings and do what is best for ourselves. Their underlying message is,

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The Makings of an Entrepreneur

What is an entrepreneur? Growing up I heard that anyone who had the moxie to start their own business was an entrepreneur. So, for years I imagined anyone who refused to “work for the man” as a daring person who

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Standing Back Up

It seems we might lose another role model for our children. World famous cyclist, Lance Armstrong, was stripped of his seven Tour De France titles. After an extensive investigation by the United States Anti-Doping Agency, they discovered “the USPS Team

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Great Expectations

It has been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results. So, to keep from going insane you have to either do something different or start expecting something different. As much

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