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Emotional Equations

I woke up from a nap the other day and reached for my phone. I opened up Facebook and saw a math riddle posted on a friend’s profile. I stink at math, but my oldest son, John Mark, is a

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Social Capital

I ran across a phrase the other day, social capital. Social capital is the network of relationships you have that can help bring revenue to your business. Most people mistake the people they know personally as their social capital, or

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What Are Your Foundational Core Values?

If I walked up to you and asked, “What are your Foundational Core Values?”  Would you know what to say?  I think if put on the spot and given a minute most people could come up with a few values that

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Who Are You? (In Less Than 30 Seconds)

Who Am I?  The eternal question that has been asked throughout the ages will not be answered here today.  Sorry to disappoint.  I will, however, address what most people mean when they ask the question, “Who are you?”  It is

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Denying Self

The concept of denying yourself goes against every fiber in the fabric of our society. Commercials on the radio, television and movies continually encourage us to follow our feelings and do what is best for ourselves. Their underlying message is,

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Creating Value With Your Values

I was talking to a friend of mine the other day about what he needed to do in order to win a certain client. As he was telling me about their interactions I asked him a simple question, “What value

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