Integrity Selling

Integrity SellingIntegrity Selling®
Integrity Selling® is an ongoing, needs-focused sales curriculum designed to help organizations develop more professional sales teams, strengthen client relationships, and decrease the high cost of turnover.

The Integrity Selling curriculum embodies these elements:

  • Needs-focused selling system — AID,Inc.®
  • Simple Behavior Styles® language
  • Eight-week structured follow-up Course
  • Self-leveling, self-customizing curriculum
  • Learning dynamics that impact attitudes and skills
  • Ongoing managers’ coaching
  • 6 Performance Accelerator reinforcement sessions
  • Alternative Delivery Methods (e.g. web and teleconference)

Here is a 3 minute video on the benefits of using the Integrity Selling® Gap Model

The Benefits Of The Integrity Selling Gap Model from Johnny Walker on Vimeo.

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