Wisdom From Top Producers

A friend of mine, Steve Longino, went to a Mastermind event featuring top producers in business. He sent me a list of his “take aways.” They were pretty profound, and worth sharing. They are reprinted here with his permission:

“Does my calendar match my goals?”

“PAY ATTENTION: If it is not income producing, get rid of it.”

“Biggest challenge in life is Faith and Belief.”

“30% of business comes from talking and 70% comes from follow up.”

“The day can start at 11:01 a.m. (Do all your lead generating in the morning.)”

“It’s Simple… We make it Harder than it is.”

“Don’t complain about what you tolerate.”

“Success is sequential, not spontaneous.”

“The Optimist will out sell the smarter non-Optimist every time.”

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