What Do You Want?

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At some point during my first meeting with a coaching client I will ask them, “What is it you want to achieve?”  You would be surprised at the number of people who cannot answer that question, at least not right off the bat.

If you were honest, could you answer that question?   If put on the spot could you list out specifically what you want to achieve in business, in your personal relationships, financially, or in any other area of your life?

What is truly scary about not being able to list specifics is the fact that every single one of us is chasing something.  Every day you wake up and chase after what you desire.  If you are not able to specifically identify the things you desire in the important areas of your life, then how are those decisions being made?

Most often those decisions are made at the emotional level.  That fact should absolutely terrify you!

Are emotions trustworthy?  Before you say yes consider these questions:  Do you want your boss to makes all their decisions based on emotions?  Do you want a spouse that responds to every crisis emotionally?  Do you want your financial advisors to give you advice based on the emotions of their day?  Do you want your teenage children to make dating decisions based on their emotions of the moment?

The answer to all of those questions is typically a big resounding “NO!”  Yet, we often resign our most important life decisions to our emotions.

Did you know you will automatically chase after what you desire?  It’s a subconscious reaction!  Whatever it is you want, that is what you will spend your time today chasing after, thinking about or looking up on the internet.

If you do not intentionally take control and consciously decide what you want, you will waste most of your time and energy today on things that do not truly matter!

To regain control:

  1. Write down the important areas of your life
  2. Write down 2-3 things you want to achieve in those areas
  3. Write down when you want to achieve those 2-3 things
  4. Write down the first step you need to take in order to achieve each of those things you wrote down.
  5. Tell someone about your new goals

Telling someone about your new goals can help you solidify your commitment to achieving them.  If you find you need additional encouragement, a good life coach or business coach can help.

Don’t continue to be dragged around daily by your emotions!  Take charge of your life!  You will be surprised how quickly you begin to achieve what you want once you have identified it!

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  1. It is true that writing down what you want really does help to create it. Last year I wrote down six goals. I reached every one of them without doing more than reading them occasionally and showing up for work every day. My income goal (six figures) was exceeded by 17%; my savings goal by 15%; my investment goals were achieved plus some. In addition we replace an old car with a sporty late model. I cannot explain it, but it is like magic.

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